Discerning Clients Choose Royal Theater Design

We’ve spent the better part of a decade providing entertainment and automation solutions for Southern California and Hollywood’s elite. Here’s what some of our clients had to say about their experience working with us.

“Once in a very great while I am asked if I will speak of or give a testimonial as to someones qualifications or services. Why you ask is it so ‘seldom’ and not often something I participate in? Simple most people do an ok job at their so called professions and that is it and many are so stupid that I want to puke!

When I met James Churchill several years ago I felt comfortable almost from the initial ‘Hello’. James Churchill is the owner of Royal Theatre Design, straight forward and no bullshit! He is well spoken and knows his stuff both forwards and backwards. And if there is a problem as there always will be with electronics he stands on top of, behind and under his work. He has even taken hits on equipment, replacing something immediately and later getting his money or fighting with a supplier after you his customer is happy!

James and his crew, one guy in particular, Jeff are always at the ready and it is also refreshing to see the same faces and not always ‘the’ new guy BS.
Jeff is the guy in the field and also like James, will address any problem and with years of knowledge and experience to take care of any problem and or issue. I have spent close to $70,000.00 on my last two homes using Royal Theatre Designs services, television, cameras, and speakers and will continue to use their services.

Better yet I use these guys for our clients as well and I dont do no ‘kick back’ horses shit either! Do the best you can by my clients, they pay me to handle situations and keep their privacy intact and that is job one! James Churchill’s team are always discreet and on target to keep their estimates in line and not ‘ color outside the lines’ unless you the customer are aware of any changes or up grades that might make the system better. Again, dealing with installations sometimes ‘new’ issues pop up! James and Jeff are there waiting to handle any issues or problems.

If you are stingy or cheap, dont waste James’s time, he is a professional and has a right to make a profit! It is all of this and more that I, John J. Nazaian and Nazarian and Associates will only use Royal Theatre Design, All the time Every time.

~~~~~~John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator / Security Provider”

“Royal Theater Design has worked on several projects for me, residential and commercial. With all of the evolving technologies that seem to surface every few months, it is very comforting knowing that James and his staff can handle all of the nuances that confound me. You can hire RTD for their reliability, product knowledge and professionalism. However, what has given me the most piece of mind is that they are always there ready to come back to tackle the challenges that surface when multiple devices aren’t playing nicely with one another due to the manufacturers’ countless firmware updates, coding issues and other problems unforeseen to a laymen such as myself.”

~~~~Alexander Alvy

“Royal Theater Design is the last call that you’ll ever make for all of you audio/visual needs. I have used them on numerous occasions to install elaborate systems, and they were amazing. They did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it, and within the stipulated budget. They not only stand by their work, but everything was done in a very professional manner. Save yourself the time of digging up three bids, each time I did it, they came in lower. They are truly a class act.”

~~~~Michael Lockwood

“James Churchill and his associates took an ageing TV and sound system, contemporized it and created a high grade video system and high fidelity audio system that makes listening to music anywhere on the property a joy. We thank you, James.”

~~~~Arthur Price

“A note of thanks to Royal Theater Design for installing in our home an entertainment system that has exceeded our expectations. Under the outstanding leadership of James Churchill who designed the system, and the professionalism of the installers who made James’ design a reality, our home entertainment system looks great and delivers an experience that rivals the theatre. James and company has stood behind all of their work and made minor adjustments quickly and without hesitation when necessary. Thanks Royal Theater Design for a job well done.”

~~~~Art & Melinda Naselow

“Royal Theater Design’s reliability, comprehensive quotes, follow through, expert knowledge, thoughtful and customized designs and superior installations are only a few things they do better than any company I’ve ever used in our home.”

~~~~Melissa Partridge

“If you’ve been putting off getting a home theater system because you didn’t want to go through the mess of installation or sit in a room with wires hanging everywhere, then I can confidently say that with Royal Theater Design, your time for stalling is over. James and his co-worker installed a 52” flat screen HD TV in our home, along with a 5 speaker stereo system, and also assembled a cabinet to house all of our other equipment. James connected and programmed everything to a universal remote – and there’s not one wire visible! James was patient with our questions and respectful of our home throughout the process. When he was done, the carpet was vacuumed and the walls painted. Follow-up questions have been answered promptly and courteously. And of course my husband and I are really enjoying our new home theater system and wondering why we didn’t do this sooner.”

~~~~Sue Maeder

“Royal Theater Design have been looking after my audio/visual needs for more than 5 years and two homes. As a professional in the entertainment industry, it’s vital that I have the most up-to-date equipment in a system that is already ready to go. Royal Theatre Design has provided my with a sophisticated, reliable audio/visual experience. I recommend James to all my friends and business associates.”

~~~~Greg Strangis